Quotes & Reviews

“Theatre for the YouTube generation”

Daily Telegraph

“Full of insight and laughter socks it to the audience…The crowd went wild”

The Times

“The funniest and filthiest puppet glove punch-up I’ve ever seen


“Really – freakish, silly … it’s getting my thumbs up”

Daily Telegraph

“Hand to God is an explosive blast of raucous, hilarious, dirty fun”

Official London Theatre

“Avenue Q meets The Book of Mormon with elements of The Exorcist”


Australian Stage“Surprisingly well suited to Australia’s current social climate”
“The cast bring the amazing script to life….the bombastic comedy these characters create is an absolute delight!”
“Gyton Grantley demonstrates absolute mastery…”

The Age“Hilariously wrong….won’t fail to entertain”
“Chock full of outrageously offensive humour”
“…hilarious, the excellent cast really really…going to town on the physical comedy”
“Whyte and Speer’s sado-masochistic antics are a scream.”

The Herald Sun“Hand to God is a funny and sacrilegious production…”
“Grantley’s performance is hilariously complex as he almost turns himself inside out…”
“ …outrageous laugh out loud comedy…”

Broadway World“Written to perfection by Robert Askins”
“An esteemed strong acting ensemble that explores the sometimes confront subject matter with ease”
“Grant Piro is nothing short of hilarious as Pastor Gregg”
“ Morgana O’Reilly never misses a beat”

The Blurb“Hand to God is an eye-opener; a wacky piece that turns the tables on religious conservatism. It’s one you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry”
“the more outrageous Hand to God became, the more I enjoyed it.”
“Sidesplittingly funny moments”

Theatre People“5 Stars”
“Nothing and no one are off limits. Grabbing viewers’ attention from the word, ‘go’,…
“’off the chain’ electricity between cast members that alone, are worth the price of admission.”
“Abrahams directs with equal doses of laser focus and outrageous flair”
“In a career-defining revelation, Grantley’s Jason is nothing short of breathtaking….a physical tour de force”
“the opening night celebrity audience applauded each and every scene. In my eight years of reviewing for Theatre People, this response speaks volumes.”

Theatre Press“Gyton Grantley is a delight to watch as Jason and his demonic sock puppet Tyrone. With an incredible physical performance and genuinely jaw-dropping puppetry, Grantley handles every comedic high and emotional nuance of the two characters without a hitch”
“Whyte and Speer bring unbridled energy and some of the biggest laughs to the show.”
“Grant Piro is a hilarious highlight as Pastor Greg, worth the ticket price alone”
“Morgana O’Reilly as initially innocent Jessica steals scenes and laughs “
“Audiences of South Park or Family Guy will be right at home with this brash and outspoken comedy.”

The AU Review“The Most Hilarious show you’ll see this year”
“quite literally what would be the love child of Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon. It’s intelligent, dark, ridiculous, hilarious and highly inappropriate”
“take someone who you can belly laugh with the whole way through. I’m still having flashbacks now to moments in the play. It is solid gold I tell you.”